Meet the photographers

Sara & Douglas are a husband and wife wedding photography team based in North Northamptonshire. They shoot weddings together, so that every moment is captured. They also photograph children, families and events.


Sara Mayer

Hi, I'm Sara. I’m a mum of two gorgeous boys, who I love to photograph. My grandmother and my aunt are photographers. As a child I could stare at my grandmother’s photos for hours. She loved to take photos out and about around Cambridge.

My aunt, Sally, has been a photographer for years. She lives in Norfolk. Click here to visit her website.

She has wonderful shots of Norfolk; both of the landscape and some street photography. I love her fungi close-ups too!

I have always enjoyed trying to capture the essence of someone on camera; I believe that when a person is most relaxed, their true self shines through. I aim to create pictures that you will treasure.

Personally though, I’ve always hated having my photo taken. When I look back at our family photo albums from over the years, I’m never in the photos; I’m always taking them. But on our wedding day, I wasn’t afraid, because I trusted my photographer and didn’t want to forget a second of it.

Whether you are someone who likes or dislikes having their photo taken, your wedding day is your opportunity to have beautiful photos, that you will want to keep looking at again and again. Trust in me, as your photographer to give that to you.


Douglas Mayer

I have always loved being around cameras. I remember playing with my dad’s SLR, focusing it and taking shots even when there was no film in it. I treasured my first camera, given to me by my mum. I recall the distress I felt when I misplaced it and the joy when I found it. Those were the days when you sent your photos off for processing and you got that mounting feeling of excitement, as you opened them up for the first look. I still get that feeling when I plug my memory card into the computer!

My grandpa’s Super 8 camera was intriguing to me growing up. I knew it was special. I would sneak it out to make imaginary documentaries. About 10 years ago, I found it in my dad’s wardrobe and ‘re-appropriated’ it! The film still isn’t cheap, so I only use it now for special occasions.

The reason I love taking photos so much, is that it gives me the ability to tell a story. That story may be fact or fiction. It may be joyous or sad. It may be hazy and dreamy, or it may be clear, like you are right there in it. I love to document stories. Stories you can look back on several years later and be immersed in again…


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Setting up the photobooth!

Setting up the photobooth!

Doug filming some skiing with his Super 8 camera. Please note, we don’t use it for weddings.

Doug filming some skiing with his Super 8 camera. Please note, we don’t use it for weddings.