10 Tips for planning Groom Photos

Hi, I’m Sara; a wedding photographer based in Northamptonshire. My husband, Douglas, and I usually photograph weddings together.

As wedding photographers, we have some experience that may help you when planning your wedding and choosing your wedding photographer/s.

Most grooms that we encounter say that they would prefer not to have many/any photos taken of them before the wedding.

However, when they do, they usually have a lot of fun.

1) We want you to feel comfortable, that’s why we like to meet you both before your wedding, rather than on the day. You will feel more comfortable posing for us and generally having someone you don’t know particularly well, being present during some quite personal, emotional and stressful moments, if you have already spent a bit of time getting to know us.

2) We won’t be taking photos of the groom getting dressed. We will actually only take photos of him once he his almost fully dressed. That’s to say; we’ll take photos of him doing up his tie, putting on his watch, but not much more. Nonetheless, if he is up for photos of him sitting up in bed with his Best Man, cooing over dresses in a bridal magazine, we will happily oblige.

3) It helps if the area where the photos are to be taken is tidy. Your photographer will be happy to move things around, but if they don’t have much time for photos, it will help if they don’t have to. Sometimes a stack of empty beer bottles can make a great photo, but, more often than not, it will detract from it.

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4) We will take some stylish individual shots of the groom, but it is preferable to do this away from prying eyes, that will make him feel embarrassed or laugh. Of course, your children can be included (for moral support)!

5) Make sure your Groom is ‘on board’ to have his photos taken. Agree to include enough time for some photos of the Groom and the groomsmen in your wedding day timings. If can be at a house, at the venue, outside the church, in an area with some cool graffiti; wherever they feel most comfortable.

6) If you have a picturesque local pub near your venue, it can be a great location for getting some fun snaps. The Groom can relax with his friends, as there is safety in numbers! If your venue has a bar or is a hotel, this can work too, but it is better if the place you choose is more secluded.

7) The Groom and his merry men, should arrange to meet your photographer there at least 30 minutes before any other guests are due to arrive. Otherwise it will be hard to get photos, because everyone will be hugging the Groom and there won’t be much space.

8) It is highly important that you warn the pub in advance, if you intend to invite guests to congregate there, as they will need to ensure they book enough staff if it’s going to be busier than usual.

9) If you plan it right (warning the pub in advance, to get them onside), you could get some great photos of the Groom serving some drinks and sharing a pint with his best mates.

10) If the weather is good, is should be possible to get some photos outside too: even better if there is some play equipment and/or a good view.

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